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Experience instant and satisfied dryer repair service in Calgary with our professional technicians. We offer same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience. Our certified appliance technicians are skilled at repairing or installing your existing appliance efficiently, saving you valuable time. We stock a wide range of common parts in our service vehicles to ensure quick repairs. In cases where a part must be ordered, we prioritize speedy purchase from our partner’s extensive inventory of OEM parts. Trust Advance Appliance LTD for reliable and effective dryer repair solutions in Calgary.

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Expert Dryer Repair Calgary

Do you have problems with your dryer? Don’t allow the stress of laundry ruined your day. We at Advance Appliance Ltd, a appliance repair Calgary based business, know how important of proper functioning of dryer. Whether the problem is a loud drum, low heat, or something else entirely, our team of experienced technicians is prepared to provide trustworthy and affordable solutions to get your dryer operating again quickly.

Common Problems with Dryers:

Our certified technicians with their expertise, can handle any kind of dryer issue, from simple fixes to complex troubleshooting and fixing. Some of the most frequent problems we encounter are:

Dryer Low Heat or Insufficient Heat:

A faulty thermostat, thermal fuse, or heating element might be the reason of your dryer’s faulty heating even if it is still turning on. In order to get the heating system working again, our professionals can fix the problem and perform the required maintenance.

Dryer Loud Noises:

Unusual noises like squeaking, grinding, or hammering might point to a problem with the dryer’s rollers, bearings, or belt. To reduce noise and ensure smooth operation, we could examine the components, replace any damaged ones, and lubricate moving parts.

Dryer Not Turning On:

Your dryer may not be starting due to electrical problems, broken control panels, or broken door switches. Our experts can perform in-depth diagnostics to pinpoint the issue and carry out efficient repairs to restore your dryer’s functionality.

Burning smells or overheating dryers might start a fire, which has to be put out right once. Lint buildup around the heating element, malfunctioning thermostats, and blocked vents are common reasons. Our professionals can ensure ideal airflow, fix broken parts, and clean the vents to prevent overheating and the possibility of a fire.

Why Choose Us for Dryer Repair in Calgary?


All dryer brands, makes, and models are easily diagnosed and repaired by our highly experienced and qualified technicians.

Fast Service:

In order to reduce delay, we try to provide quick and efficient repair services. We recognize the inconvenience that comes with a broken dryer.

Reasonable Fees:

We provide affordable prices and up-front pricing for all of our repair services; there are never any surprises or hidden expenses.

100% satisfaction is assured. Our first goal is making sure you’re satisfied. With every repair, we provide a satisfaction guarantee and stand by our craftsmanship.

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Don’t let dryer issues interfere with your daily activities. You can rely on our Calgary-based dryer repair near me service’s for trustworthy solutions and have your dryer operating at its best. Make an appointment for maintenance with us right now, and take advantage of the comfort and peace of mind that come with having a dryer that is in good working order in your house.